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Hello world my name is Denney and I want to say hello and tell you a little about myself, The summer of 1965 in August on the 13TH it was a hot summer night.and my Mom says it was a crazy night not just because i was Born but also because it was Friday the 13th and according to her i was 1 of 13 boys born on that hot summer day and she has the paper clippings to prove it, .,.Well Mom has passed on a couple years now and I am yet to find them paper clippings she told me so much about,.I guess I have to just believe in my Heart that they were true,.and of course I do. Mom wouldn’t lie to me And I wouldn’t lie to you,.so throughout my life i have been up and i have been down i fought Cancer and i have won that battle, With the help of God above and the Good Doctors in Boston Mass. And I will continue to move forward in my life with no regrets, .No matter how hard life gets , All you have to do is sit back and realize and focus on your life, Take everything in,  Breathe don’t let life get you down it’s way too big and we’ve got a long way to go and a lot to look forward to,..




Why does anybody want to help someone, ?? There just is not enough people in the world today that want to help you, I mean really help you, I am so tired of getting scammed I’m afraid to get gas anymore because they have scammers at the pumps now just waiting for you to drive up and put in your CC card so they can steal your money, and i’m tired of it so i want to help you be aware of them scammers out there,



The Goal of this site is to help you along, My goal is to help you see the Value in any giving Product that i may be talking about at the time. I will try to cover as many products as i possibly can Going from A to Z me and my Two Partners will give Honest Product Reviews because we care about you the people,. And if you don’t find the product you are looking for leave a comment below and I will find your product and i will give it my personal Review.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,